A Perfectly Aligned Pairing

Align Technology®, Inc., the maker of Invisalign® clear aligners, officially welcomes Steraligner® into its family of ancillary products.

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Our Promise

Healthcare is complicated;
we’re here to make it simple

The Hier Labs Story

We’re unapologetically obsessed with creating simple solutions to healthcare’s complex problems. But how does one company go about simplifying a system that is so large and complex?

Over a decade ago, we set about accomplishing two parallel goals.

Leverage Sustainable Manufacturing Techniques

We made significant investments in creating a manufacturing facility that could achieve a singular objective: both efficiently and responsibly create products at the highest measurable standards with no corners cut, period. In that vein, we’re proud to be one of the finest FDA Compliant & FDA Audited Registered Medical Device Manufacturing facilities in the United States.

Create Specialized Products with Broad Market Application

People are different, yet the healthcares space tries its best to shoehorn one-sized-fits-all products into a global market that demands product diversity. That’s why we’re so excited by the granular nature of creating tailor-made products and services that suit each of our customers’ individual needs. It’s this passion that provides us with the deep understanding necessary to best serve the millions of patients, clients, and customers who are a part of the Hier Labs family.

Boutique manufacturing
meets globalized appeal.

At Hier Labs, we are passionate about creating products and services our customers simply can’t live without. Through constant innovation, an unparalleled commitment to sustainability, and a tireless pursuit of excellence, we are committed to a singular goal: leaving the world a better place than we found it.

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